what we offer

At Bev & Co., we strive to carry as many American-made items as possible. Recently, we launched our very own Bev & Co. private label, made in the USA.

personalized shopping

We offer a personalized shopping service for our customers. If someone would like to be notified when certain clothing lines come in, we call or email them so that they get first choice. We also have customers that will contact us and say, "I'm going out of town next week, would you please put together some outfits for me?" We know their size, style, fit, and colors so we can totally pull it together for them. They love it, we love it, and everyone is happy! Interested in personalized shopping? Contact us here!

Brands we carry

You will find the most current and fashionable accessory lines at Bev and Co., and we are always looking for the next "must have" item that our customers are going to want. We currently carry Pandora, Alex and Ani, Uno de50, Vera Bradley, Kendra Scott, Luca & Danni, Katie Loxton, and so much more!